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Condition of Goods.

What is a Repack?

Caxton Audio / Sound Reference sell both New & Repacked HiFi. They are clearly noted in the description. Consumer laws prevent manufacturers from selling factory refurbished as "new", so they offer the best possible deals to move the product that has been repaired or reboxed, Saving You Money! 

Most major retail stores often offer a money back guarantee. These items are returned to the manufacturer, inspected and repackaged like new with a disclaimer on the box stating the unit is factory refurbished. In most cases they reseal the box and put the refurbished tag on the equipment. 

Demonstration or floor stock units can also be considered refurbished. These units are inspected, tested, repackaged and marked as such. 

All factory refurbished equipment is inspected & serviced if necessary to meet original product specifications. All merchandise is under warranty by the original manufacturer unless otherwise specified.

Refurbished items have a much lower defect rate. From 10 units that come back for repair only 1 is usually a factory refurbished item, because refurbished units are Tested before they are sold where New are often not. Most give a full factory warranty depending on the manufacture.

So what does Repack mean? It can be called a repack for many reasons, some are listed below as well as some other common descriptions of the conditions of goods for sale.

But don't forget if it is sold as a new unit, the unit is covered by the manufactures warranty.

Brand New
Brand New products are current market products resulting from cancelled orders or factory-direct excess where the product has never been used.

Brand New - End of Life
Brand New – End of Life (aka superseded model) products are previous market products where the product is no longer available for sale to retailers and the product has never been used.

Ex Demo or floor stock products are products that have been used for demonstration purposes either in retail stores or for press which have been put through a complete reset and testing process.

Ex-Demo products may have some observable cosmetic blemishes that will not affect performance. Likewise the packing may not be perfect.

Refurbished products are products that have been returned to the importer/ manufacturer / repair center and put through a complete repair and testing process.

Refurbished products may have some observable cosmetic blemishes that will not affect performance.

Open box
A unit that has had its carton opened for various reasons.

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