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TRADE IN Items for Sale - The Full List



To inquire if an item is still available or to purchase trade ins call us on 03 9495 6500

This list is also available at our Brisbane store website (we ship trade in items between stores at no cost) here:


Brand                           Description                                    Price

QUAD ESL 2805 Loudspeakers pair. Classique finish. With origional Box and all origional accessories, working perfectly (in store Brisbane) $6499
QUAD 22L2 Loudspeaker pair piano black (Brisbane) SOLD
QUAD ESL 989 Loudspeakers pair. $4999
Wiess DAC 2 Firewire good condition $1790
Arcam T32 DAB+/FM Tuner $690
Arcam Alpha 7 CD Player with remote (Melbourne) $199
Arcam FMJ A39 Int Amp - BLACK with box like new current model $2550
Arcam FMJ C31 Pre amp -Silver SOLD
Audiolab 8200CD OLED, black finish box, remote, cables $790
Audiolab 8200CD, black finish, box, remote, cables $590
Audiolab 8000C British made pre with MM and MC phono, black finish (Melbourne) $499
Audiolab 8200P Power amp Black finish $899
Audiolab M-CDT CD Transport, black finish $550
Boston acoustics Boston Acoustics M 350 Floorstanding Loudspeakers Pair Black boxed $1390
Styleaudio Carat USB DAC HD1V $99
Sound Reference KT120 Mono Tube Power Amp 120 watt per channel (pair) $3990
Sound Reference EL34 Integrated tube amp SOLD
Sound reference Floorstanding Speakers $990
Sound reference Sound reference 6H30-pi Tube linestage $1490
musical fidelity x-can V2 Headphone amp $199
Stello U2 USB/ SPDIF 24 / 96 Converter - connects PC to HI-FI $248
Stello EXIMUS CD 10 CD Player $3995
Stello S1 Power amp stereo 125 watt or 500 watt mono SOLD
Stello HP 100 Headphone Pre $399
Stello HP 100 Stereo $499
Heed Orbit 2 Turntable Power supply $499
Nordost 1.5m pair RCA Heimdall MK1 in box (Melbourne) $799
Nordost Red Dawn RV2 - Speaker Cable 2m Bi-Wire Zplug unboxed $699
Nordost 1.5m pair RCA ODIN MK1 in box $10900
Nordost 2m pair RCA interconnect Tyr MK1 in box SOLD
Nordost 1m Vahalla MKII in box 20amp IEC termination plug SOLD
NuForce DAC 9 with box remote etc $590
NAD M2 Direct Digital integrated amp 250 watts SOLD
Audio Innovations S500 Integrated Tube Amplifier including Phono SOLD
Audio Research SP9 Mk11 valve Pre-amp $550
Conrad Johnson LP 275 Valve Mono block amp (pair) with box $12800
Conrad Johnson PV 15 Valve Pre with box (Melbourne) $1790
NAIM CDX2 CD manual remote etc $2500
NAIM PSC Power Supply (Melbourne) $399
NAIM NAP 200 Power Amp (SN 341XXX) (Melbourne) $2499
NAIM NAP 200 Power Amp (SN 248XXX) (Melbourne) $2099
NAIM NAC 202 Power Amp (SN 27XXXX) (Melbourne) $2499
NAIM Supernait MKI Amp box, manual, cables etc $2499
NAIM NAT 05 tuner with box, manual, cables etc $499
NAIM CD 5i CD Player with new transport mech with box $590
NAIM NAIT 5i (italics) amp with box, remote, cables etc (SN 29XXXX) $990
NAIM StageLine K phono $499
QUAD ESL 989 Loudspeakers pair. $4999
QUAD 12L2 Cherry Bookshelves speakers (no boxes) (Melbourne) $429
QUAD Elite QSP Stereo power amp (Melbourne) $1429
QUAD Elite CD-P CD Player( Melbourne) $899
QUAD Elite Pre (Melbourne) $999
Contan Tube Line Stage with new 6189 tube fitted $498
JAS Audio Green Power Inegrated 120. 120 watt amp Silver (no boxes) (Melbourne) $350
JAS Audio Bravo 2.4SE; Gold Lion KT88 integrated tube amplifier SOLD
JAS Audio Bravo 2.3 6C33 integrated tube amplifier $1990
JAS Audio Array 2.1 805 Tube Power amp 50 watts Class A with Sophia princess mesh 300B tubes SOLD
JAS Audio Orior Bookshelves Italian Black Ash $2990
Rotel RDV 1045 DVD Player $399
Rotel RSP 1068 7.1 Sound Pre Amp $590
SMSL M6 Mini Dac $150

* These items have transferable warranty

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