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New Conrad Johnson Models and floorstock Sale


New Conrad Johnson Models and floorstock Sale

For more than 4 decades, Conrad Johnson vacuum tube preamplifiers have set the industry standard for performance, garnering worldwide acclaim and a place in many a reference system.

Since the first CJ amplifier, the MV75 of 1978, c-j vacuum tube and solid state amplifiers have defined the state of the art. Their line features power amplifiers to fit nearly any requirement.


ET-5 Stereo Channel Valve tube line stage. Was $14000 Now: $7000

Classic Sixty SE Power amp KT120 tubes was $7000. Now: $5500

ET7 line-stage RRP $14000 Now: $12900

ALSO available to order:

Latest model ET7 line-stage RRP $16900

Latest model Classic 62 SE Tube KT120 amp $7900

Latest model Classic 120 SE Tube amp $14000

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